Department of the Philosophy of Human Sciences

Established in 2004, the department of philosophy of human sciences is actively involved at two levels: SAF and SETAD. In the field of SETAD, it works on general basic researches about philosophical, epistemological, methodological and scientific bases of human sciences in general, and also research on the relations between science and religion and evaluation of different views in this regard. This department is also active in analysis and criticism of different views and theories about human sciences, preparation and compilation of textbooks, and pamphlets, performing studies about science and religion and philosophy of human sciences, restoration and revision of the works of Muslim scientists in the field of religion and science and philosophy of Islamic human sciences, creation of a dynamic and suitable environment for growth and development of researchers in the field of philosophy of Islamic human sciences and promotion of the culture of research in related issues and topics.
Regarding SAF level, interaction with other departments of the research institute, this department studies and investigates issues related to additional philosophies and supports performance of methodological researches about Islamic human sciences.
At present this department has published a book entitled "Religious Science; Attitudes and Considerations (4th edition)", which includes reporting, compilation and assessment of the views of eight Iranian thinkers about the existence, possibility and inevitability of religious science besides 14 other related books. The department also has published 17th volumes of the journal of "methodology of social sciences and humanities", lately had known as quarterly journal of "Hawzah and University".

Head of the Department:Seyed Hamidreza Hassani